"The almost evident fact that two descriptions are better than one."

I borrowed the title from a book by Gregory Bateson's “Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity”.The installation consists of two sculptures and a video.The video consists of snippets of performance of a human hand touch and a piece of wooden stick, which are complementary and perform different joint movements. Other shots come from a place of meetings and contact with the river rat colony and a return to the same place after the river rats have left it because of a newly built cultivated park. Other visual materials – photos of critically endangered plant and animal species are taken from http://www.arkive.org/. The sound on the video is a recording of bird songs from the Internet database http://macaulaylibrary.org/. The objects are called Description A and Description B. Both were created together with the video. During the creation process, the three parts of the projects were interconnected and each part served to complement and enrich the others. What is important to me in this work is the reciprocity between the objects and the video. Seeds in the objects are based on the consideration of GMO modifications and preserve the original DNA. One of the objects contains a coral reef created by burning through a thin paper with incense sticks. The perforated paper may tear at the slightest wrong touch - this is a very delicate part of the statue and the fragility of the selected method is a metaphor for the fragility of the ecosystem of coral reefs, which is endangered by human activity.

(photo by Jiří Dvořák)