Jana Doležalová

*2.7.1981 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


1996-2000 High School of Applied Arts in Jablonec nad Nisou
2000-2004 UJEP in Ústí nad Labem, Faculty of Art and Design
2006-2012 AVU in Prague - School of monumental art of Jiří Příhoda


2008 School of Visiting Artist (AVU) Anton Čierny (SK)
2010 School of Visiting Artist (AVU) Florian Reither (Gelitin group, A)
2010 Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan
2011 School of Visiting Artist (AVU) Althea Thauberger (CDN)


2007 - Exhibition of school of monumental art, Galerie Favu Brno, CZ
2009 - “Autochton, alochton, synantrophia”, Sculptures in the streets–Container
of Arts, Brno, CZ
2009 - “Dears”, Půda Gallery Jihlava, CZ
2010 - “Trial Our house”, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, A
2011 - “Don’t thanks for the flowers” (six-month interactive project in public space), Psychiatric hospital Bohnice, Prague, CZ
2011 - “Sporogame”, White shores
2011 - “House for the Hedgehog”, Situation No. 16, Pavilon Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012 - “Shelves for flowers”, National Gallery in Prague, CZ
2012 - “Greetings through other worlds by two breaths”, Střítež Gallery in Střítež
2012 - “Merge with the environment” - White Shores 2012, CZ
2012 - “Agrosquatting” - Školská 28 Gallery, Prague, CZ
2012 - “The situation is changing norm”- PAF Festival of animation, Olomouc, CZ
2013 - “You're not indifferent” - Entry code, Gallery of Academy of fine art, Prague
2013 - “Variable society in the ashes of the Phoenix” TIC Gallery, Brno CZ
2014 - “Exposition” Jelení Gallery, Prague CZ
2014 - “The man without Rhinoceros” Gallery Deniska Showcase, CZ
2014 - “The Way” Meetfactory Gallery, Prague CZ
2014/15 - “The almost evident fact that two descriptions are better than one” Malá Gallery
(Armaturka) CZ
2015 - "The Nettles" Industra Gallery, Brno CZ
2015 - “Brno Art Open” Brno CZ