" Empty niche"

An Empty Niche is a space that remains if some animal or plant species go extinct, either naturally or by human hand. As a medium for my interpretation of an empty niche I chose a photo capturing the situation before human contact, and an exhibit of the extinct Thylacine Tasmanian. The photo was taken in the depository of the National Museum, where one of the infrequent Thylacine exhibits is located. The gesture of the human hand is taken from the scene Creation of Adam by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.
Together with the Thylacine, the meaning of this gesture becomes ambivalent:
1) The man with his destructive interventions in the natural environment is causing the extinction of another kind – “the gesture of the destroyer.”
2) The man seeking to correct his own mistakes (efforts to revive the genome of extinct animals) – “the gesture of the creator.”